Friday, January 18, 2019
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cattle hedge section

hedgers introduction

source: cme group

introduction to livestock and meat fundamentals
self study guide to hedging with livestock futures
calculation of cme feeder cattle index

cash reports

source: usda gov.




beef cutout values morning 5-area weighted average direct slaughter cattle 5-area weighted average direct slaughter cattle
beef cutout values afternoon national formulated & forward contract - domestic cattle texas/okla weighted average
usda beef carcass price equivalent estimated meat production kansas weighted average
daily slaughter oklahoma city livestock summary nebraska weighted average
morning national slaughter cattle review texas/okla weighted average colorado weighted average
afternoon national slaughter cattle review national direct sltr cattle - packer owned iowa/minnesota weighted average;
usda by-product drop value actual slaughter usda livestock cattle reports
western cornbelt hogs amarillo livestock summary  
texas/okla. slaughter cattle negotiated purchases kansas weighted average  
kansas slaughter cattle negotiated purchases national negotiated purchases  
usda boneless beef trimmings actual stlr by state & cow slaughter  
usda pork cutout values south dakota cattle summary  
colorado slaughter cattle negotiated purchases nebraska weighted average  
nebraska slaughter cattle negotiated purchases national carcass premiums/discounts  
usda national comprehensive boxed beef cutout kansas feeder cattle summary  
c.m.e. lean hog, pork cutout & pork belly cash indexes colorado weighted average  
5-area avg. trade (wkly) packer owned, formula & forward contracts
basis contracts
iowa- minnesota cattle negotiated purchases usda national s&h grading report  
usda national boxed beef cuts for branded product texas direct feeder cattle summary  
national daily hog and pork summary iowa/minnesota weighted average  
daily livestock summary weekly livestock summary  
national negotiated purchases livestock & grain mkt news by state  
usda national boxed beef cuts for prime products superior video livestock auction  
12-city broilers livestock meat & wool summary & statistics  
national cattle and beef summary national slaughter cattle summary  
national feeder & stocker cattle summary nass- field crop progress, weather bulletins, grain stocks  
c.m.e feeder index (cme) feeder cattle weekly summary  
daily cash grain trade    

monthly usda reports

source: usda gov.

u.s.d.a. cattle on feed report livestock slaughter & production (usda) livestock, dairy & poultry situation (usda)
meat animals: production, disposition, income livestock and grain market news (usda) agricultural prices monthly (usda)
meat prices & price spreads (ers) cattle inventory - semi-annual (usda) hogs and pigs - semi-annual (usda)

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