Friday, January 18, 2019
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Dollar Climbs on U.S. Jobs Data as Treasuries Retreat

The dollar strengthened and Treasuries fell after American payrolls rose more than forecast and the jobless rate tumbled. The ruble weakened and Ukraine bonds declined as the government in Kiev sent troops to retake a rebel stronghold.

Dollar Heads for Weekly Drop Before Fed Considers Stimulus Taper

The dollar headed for its biggest weekly decline in six weeks as weaker-than-forecast economic data prompted investors to pare bets of an aggressive reduction in monetary stimulus at the Federal Reserve's policy meeting next week.


  • International Equities Markets and Market Risk
  • Comparative Interest Rates
  • Federal Open Market Committee Policy, Statements and Actions
  • European Central Bank Actions and Bailouts
  • Trade Policies, Disputes and Statistics
  • Central Bank Policies and Interventions
  • Financial Safe Haven Perceptions
  • International Budget and Account Deficits
  • Yuan price fluctuations and revaluation
  • International Energy Prices
  • US Treasury Policy
  • US Equity Market Inflows and Outflows
  • Inflation/Deflation debate in the USA
  • Domestic and International Unemployment Statistics
  • International Carry Trade Status
  • FED support of the bond market
  • European Austerity debates and measures
  • Foreign Good Prices
  • Import and Export Balance
  • Budget Deficit and National Debt
  • Presidential Popularity
  • Terrorist attacks and war
  • Consistency of International Trade Policies
  • Domestic and International Elections
  • Euro Strength
  • Housing Markets
  • Government Spending and Entitlement spending/cuts
  • Industrial and Manufacturing data and growth
  • Unemployment and wage data
  • Stock Market Fluctuations
  • Natural disasters
  • Unfavorable Farming conditions including unseasonable or extreme weather

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