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FINANCIAL TIMER with PRE-OPENING COMMENTS ONLY (daily) - For less active short-term and swing traders. Covers 13 markets and includes preopening comments (approx. 1- 6 preopening comments before the market opens 6 am- 9 am CST and 6-7 in the evening between 6 PM-9:00 PM CST before full report is complete. (For additional intraday updates during market activity see next option.)

FINANCIAL TIMER with INTRADAY UPDATES (9AM-3PM) (daily/intraday) - For short-term swing traders. Covers 13 markets and includes preopening comments (see above) and intraday updates (approx. 10-20 additional updates depending on market conditions—Note: does not include S&P Day Trade updates but does cover the S & P 4-5 times a day. )

S&P INSTANT MESSAGING DAY TRADER (multiple S&P day trade updates depending on market conditions — must be used in conjunction with Financial Timer)

FORTUCAST ETF TIMER (daily service; one-week trial) – for long-term, position, and swing trading including ETF recommendations for equities, treasuries, currencies, metals, oil, and ag markets ( ideally is used in conjunction with Financial Visions into the Future)

AGRICULTURAL TIMER (daily) – with intraday updates; covers 9 markets

PROSPEROUS FARMER for HEDGERS (daily) – with intraday updates; covers 6 ag markets, with hedge recommendations

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