Friday, January 18, 2019
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feeder cattle

stocker and feeder cattle weaken as drought persists

demand for stocker cattle continues to weaken across the central plains as the ongoing drought forces cattlemen to reduce inventories and readjust business strategies.

heavy calves at last week’s auctions were called unevenly steady to weak, with trends ranging from $2 per hundredweight higher to $3 lower. stocker calves under 600 pounds traded steady to $3 lower. usda market news reports that not enough “true yearlings” were available for an adequate market test last week.

drought brings uncertainty to state's cattle industry

nebraska agriculture faces serious consequences going into the 2013 growing season if drought conditions persist through the winter.

one of the areas that will be hit the hardest is the cattle industry, which depends on nebraska’s 22 million acres of grassland.

beef herd tumbles to 40-year low on feed cost surge: commodities

the worst u.s. drought in a half century and record feed prices are spurring farmers to shrink cattle herds to the smallest in two generations, driving beef prices higher.

beef output will slump to a nine-year low in 2013 after drought damaged pastures from missouri to montana, the u.s. department of agriculture estimates. the domestic herd is now the smallest since at least 1973, and retail prices reached a record last month, usda data show. cattle futures may rise 8.6 percent to an all-time high of $1.35 a pound in chicago in the next 12 months, said rich nelson, the chief strategist at allendale inc. who has tracked the market for 15 years.

feeder cattle rally on limited supply, feds $2 to $3 higher

cash fed cattle traded $2 to $3 higher last week at $127 to $128.50. dressed trade in the north occurred at $197 to $202 per hundredweight, $4 to $7 higher than the previous week. cattle feeders will look to build on that rally this week. supplies of market-ready cattle remain tight.

cattle caught in the crossfire

as syria continues to be swept up in violence, syrian farmers are smuggling their livestock (and themselves) into jordan to sell the cattle before they can be killed in bombing raids. traders near jordan’s border with syria estimate that tens of thousands of sheep have been smuggled across the border since the fighting began almost 18 months ago. since syrian law strictly prohibits shipping the sheep out of syria, herders are forced to circumvent the law.

osun boosts cattle production with 10,000 capacity ranch

governor rauf aregbesola at the weekend launched a 78.4-hectare, 10, 000- capacity cattle ranch aimed at meeting the beef demand of osun state as well as the entire south-west when fully operational.

cattle drop on signs of rising u.s. beef supplies; hogs decline

cattle futures dropped in chicago, heading for the biggest two-day slump in almost seven weeks, on signs of increasing beef supplies in the u.s. hog prices fell to a one-week low.

drought drives up cattle, food costs

chicago -- the worst u.s. drought in a half century and record feed prices are spurring farmers to shrink cattle herds to the smallest in two generations, driving beef prices higher.

analysis-asia's feed mills caught short by costly corn

as corn prices climb past the record levels hit this time last year, a major factor has changed for asian importers of the grain: australia no longer has heaps of cheap feed wheat as a substitute.


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