Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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euro, stocks drops; gold, german bonds rally on cyprus

the euro weakened to its lowest level this year, while stocks and commodities slumped, as an unprecedented levy on cyprus's bank savings threatened to throw europe back into crisis. german two-year note yields dropped below zero as spanish and italian borrowing costs jumped.

consumer prices in u.s. increase on jump in gasoline cost

the cost of living in the u.s. rose more than projected in february due to the biggest jump in gasoline prices in more than three years. the retreat in fuel expenses this month signals inflation will hover around the federal reserve's goal.

industrial production in u.s. climbs by most in three months

industrial production rose more than forecast in february as u.s. factories turned out more business equipment and motor vehicles, showing manufacturing is helping boost the economy.

energy derivatives overhaul spurs nasdaq’s germany expansion

the biggest-ever overhaul of european energy derivatives rules is poised to pit nasdaq omx group inc. (ndaq) against the european energy exchange ag in germany as the share of power handled by bourses increases.

shanghai futures exchange says it’s close to adding night trade

the shanghai futures exchange is close to adding after-hours trading in a bid to become a more global marketplace, an official at the bourse said today.

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