Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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central banks seen buying more gold, yen, renminbi to diversify

central banks are increasing purchases of gold, yen and china’s renminbi to reduce their dollar and euro holdings as a percentage of total reserves, the world gold council said.

eu chiefs seeking to stave off euro crisis turn to cyprus

european leaders grappling with political deadlock in italy and spiraling unemployment in france will turn to a financial rescue for cyprus in an effort to stave off a return of market turmoil over the debt crisis.

hedge funds cut bets to ’09 low as goldman says buy: commodities

hedge funds cut bets on a commodity rally to a four-year low on signs of surplus supply in everything from coffee to zinc before goldman sachs group inc. said prices had fallen too far and investors should buy.

china drives record solar growth becoming biggest market

the $77 billion solar-energy industry is forecast to expand the most since 2011, as china becomes the biggest market for the first time and drives annual global installations to a record.

global food prices seen stable in february by fao as dairy rose

world food prices were stable in february for a second month, as increasing dairy and cooking oil costs were compensated by declines in grains and sugar, the united nations’ food & agriculture organization said.

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