Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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higher commodity prices for food and fuel a fact for the future

new york, ny, united states (ahn) - soaring commodity prices are wreaking havoc on consumer's budgets here in the u.s., but experts say not to expect them to go down because the culprit is increased global demand for food and fuel.

increased demand from population growth in developing nations is not only causing prices to increase but it is also causing a scarcity of resources, according to jeremy grantham, who helped found boston-based gmo asset management firm.

commodities beat financial assets for fifth month in best streak since ’97

commodities beat stocks, bonds and the dollar for a fifth straight month, the longest stretch in at least 14 years, as demand for raw materials increases with expanding economies and federal reserve promises to boost growth.

the standard & poor’s gsci total return index of 24 commodities climbed 4.4 percent in april, after reaching the highest level since october 2008. the msci all-country world index of equities advanced 3.9 percent, the most since december, and the u.s. dollar index, a gauge against six counterparts, fell 3.9 percent, touching a 33-month low. bonds of all types returned 0.9 percent on average, based on bank of america merrill lynch’s global broad market index.

commodities rise for seventh day to two-year high, led by cotton, silver

commodities rose for a seventh day to a two-year high, led by cotton and silver, on optimism about economic recovery and a weaker dollar. gold and tin climbed to records.

the standard & poor’s gsci spot index of 24 raw-materials futures reached 757.22 points, the highest level since aug. 4, 2008. it was up 1.6 percent at 756.57 by 8:44 a.m. new york time, for a weekly gain of 3.4 percent, on course for the biggest increase in five weeks. silver for immediate delivery touched $40.30 an ounce, and cotton reached $2.124 a pound.


commodities head for weekly gain as mideast turmoil prompts oil concerns

commodities gained to a one-week high as unrest in the middle east and north africa boosted oil prices and after the group of seven intervened in currency markets to help japan after last week’s earthquake.

the standard & poor’s gsci spot index rose as much as 1.7 percent to 712, the highest level since march 10, a day before japan’s worst earthquake on record triggered a tsunami and a crisis at one of the country’s nuclear power plants. it was at 711.61 at 12:23 p.m. london time.

amber waves of pain

lured by the idea of profiting from raw materials, investors put $277 billion into commodity etfs and related securities by the end of 2009. then they noticed a problem: when commodities go up, the commodity etfs often don't

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