Monday, January 21, 2019
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non-synthetic futures and option strategies

loan rates point to euro zone fractures

interest rates paid by companies in the eurozone’s weaker economies have surged, highlighting the bloc’s fragmentation as the european central bank loses control of borrowing costs.

cee money-qe option on table as czech rates near zero

fortified by its reputation as an inflation tamer, the czech central bank may prove better placed than most in emerging economies to follow the u.s. fed, the bank of england and the bank of japan in experimenting with money-printing.

eurodollar futures hit day's highs as close nears

(14:18 et) eurodollar futures extend price gains in the final hour of regular trading as this morning's soft economic data and weaker dollar cause traders to continue pricing in lower short-term rates. quarterly 2012-2013 contracts are up as much as 5 basis points at the recently established highs. one-year calendar spreads continue to narrow, with the september 2012 contract recently pricing in a rate 52bp above that for september 2011, down from 55 friday.

interest rate cut 'preferable to more quantitative easing' says bank of england policymaker

a rate cut to boost the economy would be preferable to more quantitative easing, a bank of england policymaker said today.martin weale said that as long as he was sure banks would not cut lending, he would cut rates below their long-standing record low of 0.5 per cent rather than plough more money into asset purchases.

dip-buying lift eurodollar futures from lows

(9:10 et)--- a sign of bullish 'buy-the-dips' mentality, eurodollar futures rebound from session lows.

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