Monday, December 10, 2018
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non-synthetic futures and option strategies

dj market talk: buy september, sell december eurodollars

(12:51)- even as eurodollar futures are primed for a prolonged period of very low rates, mf global says the market still runs the risk of creating a steeper curve if underlying inflation picks up and the jobless rate falls.

that's why it recommends buying september and selling december eurodollar futures to profit from the potential widening of the very flat spread between the two. it's currently 9.5 basis points, so mf says odds of further narrowing are pretty low.

dj market talk: options play sees near-term libor decline

new york (1:12)-  large call buying in nearby june eurodollar futures seeks to take advantage of a continued decline in the 3-month dollar libor.

eurodollar futures post only minor price slide

9:05 (dow jones) longer-dated eurodollar futures post a minor price decline even as stocks rise and oil tumbles after bin laden's death. fed's 'low-for-long' rate policy is perhaps a bigger factor as there are signs of slower economic growth. nearby june through june 2012 contracts are mostly flat while december 2012 was recently down 1 basis point at 98.51, having been down as much as 3 before the start of regular trading at 7:34 a.m. edt.

dj market talk: eurodollar futures up a bit, guided by stocks

(9:18)- eurodollar futures are near their morning highs, aided by softer stocks and the fed's message from last week that the short-term funds rate will stay low for an "extended period." quarterly 2012 contracts as much as 2 basis points--the morning's peak was 3--while 2013s up 2.5bp.

dj market talk: eurodollar futures still see low short-term rates

8:56 (dow jones) eurodollar futures in a holding pattern, still pricing in low short-term rates, as data show us consumer spending a little better than expected in march and core pce showing tame inflation pressures.

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