Sunday, December 09, 2018
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non-synthetic futures and option strategies

dj market talk: downside protection sought in eurodollar options

11:23- even as eurodollar futures prices rise, brokers report huge volume of put butterfly spreads in case the market goes the other way, perhaps in the form of a year-end fed-funds rate hike.

dj market talk: eurodollar futures bounce sharply from lows

27 april 2011

1657 gmt [dow jones] eurodollar futures shed losses after sharp knee-jerk selloff in aftermath of fomc announcement.

market talk: options play sees eurodollar futures price jump

25 april 2011 , 11:00

large options trade sees strong rally for longer-dated eurodollar futures prices if bernanke signals fed will stay on hold for a long time.

dj market talk: eurodollar futures sink on durable goods gain

27 april 2011 8:49

(dow jones) eurodollar futures prices hit morning lows as data showed stronger-than-expected surge in durable goods orders last month.

market talk: eurodollar futures mostly higher to start week

25 april 2011 9:08

longer dated eurodollar futures are a little higher, amounting to expectations for lower short-term yields, as traders await what bernanke will say at his post-fomc news conference and whether greece will restructure its debt.

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